You have many choices when it comes to getting training for your dog(s), but what it ultimately comes down to is that comfortable feeling you, the pet owner, need to have when you leave your beloved family member with the trainer. And that comfortable feeling is called TRUST.
At K9 Behavior UT, we pride ourselves on being "dog lovers" and it shows in the way we treat your family members.
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Your dog's first day of DOGGIE DAYCARE is FREE!
However, before we can allow any dog to stay in our daycare facility they must pass an evaluation test. This test is to provide for the safety of our staff and of the other dogs.
This test id free and also includes one free day of DOGGIE DAYCARE upon successful completion of the evaluation test.
We also can only accept dogs that have been fully vaccinated before attending our facility.
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K9 Behavior UT can board any dog regardless of issues they might have. This is in contrast to our DOGGIE DAYCARE policy due to our ability to isolate pets brought in for overnight stays.
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Every dog grooming appointment includes a full day of DOGGIE DAYCARE for FREE!
Check out the full range of grooming options we offer at K9 Behavior UT.
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